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Combined search and recruitment process with a structured working method

To increase the accuracy in recruitment and to find the best candidates to you as costumer, we offer search services. We use our structure method for recruitment on all levels; Co-workers, Specialists, and Executives.

Search is a structured method in which we analyse the market and actively search for the most suitable candidates for the employment, from a decided job profile.

Search method:

  1. Jobb profile
    Together with the customer, a requirement profile is defined based on an analysis of the company and the position. This includes analysis of organization, current situation and challenges of the future as well as culture of the company. After that, branch, industry, target companies, and sources are identified. Sources are the people that we contact that would recommend candidates for the given employment. For example, this could be a manager that works within a branch or industry where the relevant profile can be found and can recommend earlier colleagues and employees.
  1. Identification
    The next step in the process is to begin the search, based on the analysis and job profile, in relevant channels. We use internal databases, networks, external databases, and social media.
  1. Telephone interviews
    From the identification, a short-list is made with possible candidates and sources that can recommend candidates for the assignment.
  1. Presentation of candidates
    Strong candidates that match the profile of demands and are interested in the assignment are presented to the customer.
  1. Interviews of candidates
    You as a customer may choose if you or us at First Reserve will have the in-depth interview.